• The DALMAC Fund

Established in 1975, The DALMAC Fund made its first contribution to bicycling in Michigan by donating a tandem bicycle to Lansing's St. Vincent Home for Children in 1976. This was a modest start toward realizing the vision of Dick Allen, the originator of DALMAC. Since then, DALMAC's success has allowed the Fund to grant over $500,000 to a variety of bicycling activities in Michigan ranging from safety and education programs to bicycle trail development.

Marking its 30th anniversary in 2005, The DALMAC Fund will continue to contribute to the vitality of bicycling in Michigan for many years to come thanks to the dedicated TCBA volunteers and the hundreds of riders who enjoy DALMAC each year.

Grant applications may be downloaded (see below) or obtained from:

PO Box 22146
Lansing MI 48909-2146
Rao Kareti, Dick Allen, Dwayne Scheidler DALMAC 2004 photo by Steve Schuesler

The DALMAC Fund goals:

  1. 1.Improve the bicycling environment in Michigan

  2. 2.Expand bicycling in Michigan

  3. 3.Promote good will towards bicycling in the community

  4. 4.Increase bicycle safety

Grant requests will be evaluated on meeting the 4 goals, as well as,

  1. 1.The amount requested is reasonable

  2. 2.TCBA is comfortable funding the request

  3. 3.The request has local support

  4. 4.Funding one year does not guarantee funding in future years

  5. 5.Facility requests will be commented on by the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance

Typical grant funded requests involve,

  1. 1.Construction and design of bicycle facilities

  2. 2.Bicycle education programs

  3. 3.Bicycle promotion activities

  4. 4.Purchase of bicycles and related equipment

  5. 5.Developing bicycle routes or maps (not facilities)

DALMAC Fund grant requests are due March 1, 2010. Final funding decisions will be made by May 15, 2010.

We expect to award a minimum of $70,000 in 2010.

All organizations requesting funds should expect a member of the DALMAC Fund committee to contact them by email with questions concerning their proposal. Prompt response to questions and requests for additional information from committee members is essential. Consequently, an email address is required for grant consideration in 2010.

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