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TCBA Advocacy

Working to Make Mid-Michigan a Better Place to Bicycle

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The Tri-County Bicycle Association formed the Advocacy Committee on March 6, 2012 with the following mission statement:

  • Develop a safer bicycling environment
  • Promote public awareness of bicycle safety issues and concerns
  • Promote bicycle commuting and touring
  • Educate governments, organizations and companies on strategies to encourage safe bicycle travel
  • Work with other organizations to carry out this mission and activities relating to non-motorized transportation


We have monthly meetings in the evening. Our current schedule is on the second Wednesday of the month in the Law Offices of Glassen, Rhead, McLean, Campbell & Schumacher (533 South Grand Avenue, Lansing)  from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m

Join Us

We need people who want our governments, businesses and other organizations to provide bicycling facilities in our communities.  On the governmental level, we face a big challenge with 75 jurisdictions in the Tri-County region plus the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission. Thus, we have to have bicyclists interact with all levels of government and to report back.

Here’s how you can hook up with us at our:

Everyone is welcome to participate at our meetings which take place on the second Wednesday of each month in the Law Offices of Glassen, Rhead, McLean, Campbell & Schumacher (533 South Grand Avenue, downtown Lansing)  from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Agenda for next meeting: April


January   February  March (no meeting held; announcements from the agenda) 

2016: January  February  March  April  May  June  July (no meeting)  August 
2009-2015 (under construction)

Coming Events
Coming Events


2017 Ride of Silence for Lansing/MSU/East Lansing

This year's Ride of Silence takes place on May 17, 2017, at the Well's Hall Courtyard on the MSU Campus at 6:30 p.m.

We need volunteers, most c
ritically a coordinator. Attached are descriptions of some of the tasks that volunteers can do and of the coordinator.
The time commitment is probably 5-6 hours per week. There is a committee that helps with the work.

RoS Volunteers' Tasks   RoS Organizer's Tasks

Please join us in bringing awareness of making our streets and roads safe all.

If you have questions, please contact Mike Unsworth at
or 517-282-7515.
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Bike Rack Assistance
Bike Rack Assistance

The Tri-County Bicycle Association encourages businesses and other organizations to provide bicycle racks.We will help with costs according to the following format:

  • Businesses –50% of the cost of rack(s) or 50% of the rack installation if the business or other entity provides the rack(s)
  • Non-profits and governments: up to100% of the cost of the racks and installation costs

Recipients must agree to:

  • Use an Inverted “U” rack with crosspiece (see below). Other designs must be approved by TCBA
  • Provide installation costs (Businesses only) , or 50% of the installation cost if the business or other organization is providing the rack(s)
  • Obtain authorization from the property owner (if different from the business or organization)
  • Work with TCBA  on the optimal placement of the racks
  • Maintain the racks
  • Agree to the placement of the TCBA logo & name as well as a sign demonstrating correct use of the rack
  • Carry appropriate liability insurance
  • Provide the business or other organization’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)

A good primer on bike biking is the Essentials of Bike Parking by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.

For more information, contact:
Steve Leiby 517-881-4137;

Preferred Rack Design

Inverted U-Rack

Adopted by the TCBA Board on May 7, 2013,SOURCE: Chainwheel Chatter  v. 39, no. 7 (July 2013) p. 2

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2016 Candidates Comments
Most of the 54 respondents replied with simple "Yes" or "No"s to our questions. Below are the fuller comments and replies that some gave.
Johanna Balzer, DeWitt Township Trustee
As the driver of a hybrid, I'm always worried about coming up behind bicyclists.  One avid bicyclist told me I shouldn't toot the horn to let them know I'm coming by, as it startles them.  What is the best way to let a bicyclist know you are behind them when you are driving a very quiet vehicle?  FYI, I've voted for 'Complete the Streets' efforts in DeWitt Twp. and been very supportive of new trails and street upgrades.
Teri Banas, Ingham County Commissioner, District 11
On 5-foot space: I agree we need useable, safe spaces for bicyclist travel on roadways but I have questions about how to retrofit a 5-foot width in all spaces. I would like to educate myself on this, and would appreciate hearing more from your organization. I am very concerned that we work toward public spaces that can be safely used by bicycle riders while educating the motoring public about sharing the road. This is critical for future quality of life in our communities.
Comment: Yes, I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with members of your group to discuss better policies including Safe Streets. When I was on the County Services Committee, I began researching the possibility of a Safe Streets policy for Ingham County now that the Board of Commissioners has authority over the Road Department. I wasn't able to be reinstated on County Services in the second year of my term, but I do place to seek appointment in December and then work with the new County Services chair to get it done.  Thank you for the opportunity to answer this questionnaire.
David Bankhead, Eaton Township Trustee
I have always been in favor of biking as a recreation pastime or even as everyday use. I also am in favor of bikers being educated to their responsibilities when traveling upon public roads.
Christine Barnes, Eaton County Commissioner, District 1
Living in District 1 we enjoy meeting folks who ride out in the country. Everyone has always been courteous yet I always find myself worrying about safety being there is no specific non-motorized bike accommodations.
Julie Brixie, Meridian Township Treasurer  
I have volunteered to help pass the millage in the township. I've supported pathways throughout my career at Meridian Township. I helped get bikes allowed on the Red Cedar Glen Preserve and on the MSU Dobie property.
Matthew Cooper, DeWitt City Council
On 5-foot space: Need more info
Comment: I am for our community becoming more walkable & bikeable.
Jill Cutshaw, Williamstown Township Treasurer
On 5-foot space: Yes, however, it would depend on several issues- all roads? all when resurfacing? what about issues with the terrain, i.e. trees near the road? I would probably not be in favor of taking out any trees to add the extra footage, but besides that, you have my support.
Phil Deschaine, Meridian Township Trustee
I believe strongly building more trails and pathways for non-motorized users.  To that end, I have served on the Park Commission and help to advance many trail projects as a Meridian Township Park Commissioner.  If elected, I will continue to make expansion of township and regional trails and pathways a priority expenditure for the Township Board.
Paul Dykema, Delhi Township Parks Commission
I think roadside amenities should be preserved to protect and improve the cycling experience.
Dave Fedewa, DeWitt Township Trustee
On 5-foot space: I am hesitant to support a mandate for common sense since we cannot enforce many of our existing laws. Education for all users of our roads is the answer.
Comment: In a perfect world, we would have non-motorized paths SEPARATE from the roadways. But until that happens we all need to share and be considerate of others rights as well.
Dennis Fedewa, Delta Township Trustee
I have been the sole trustee who has advocated to aggressively pursue our Non-Motorized Trail Plan (NMTP).  I am making this issue the basis for my re-election and am trying to gather like-minded Delta residents to advocate for real progress in developing our NMTP.  Your group's help I helping this effort would be most appreciated.
Vern Feldpausch, Dallas Township Supervisor
There are bike paths all around our state. But bikers continue not to use them. There should be more effort and money into improving the trails that are already there to make them more convenient for our walkers and bikers. Like asphalting the trails. Bikers will continue to use the highway putting themselves at a greater risk of being involved in a serious and potentially fatal accident.
Elaine Ferris, Mason City Council
Complete Streets: As space permits - especially at high-traffic intersections.
On 5-foot space: Yes - but this is sometimes a danger to other drivers - have to include driver education as part of package.
Better driver education: Yes, and bicyclists too - many wear dark clothes at night and many youngsters still ride against traffic.
Building Trails and Pathways: Yes, in process right now I am liaison to county trail/parks board for Council.
Comments: Appreciate your interest and help in educating cyclists and motorists and promoting safe riding habits.
Kenneth Fletcher, Delta Township Supervisor
Under my leadership, Delta passed a Complete Streets ordinance. I also served on the MDOT Complete Streets Advisory Council. I built the East-West Pathway, the Creyts Rd Pathway, added lots of new sidewalks and bike lanes in Delta.
Dennis Geisenhaver Bath Township Trustee
On 5-foot space: Would have to consider the implications
Comment: Thanks for the opportunity to give my views.
Mark Grebner, Ingham County Commissioner, District 8
On 5-foot space: I really want to check, 'Yes, but....'.  I think there have to be a number of exceptions, where a vehicle can pass safely with less clearance.  But in general, in the absence of an exception, requiring 5' sounds good.
Comment: I normally bike to work about 100-150 days per year.  I'm the author of Ingham County's Trails Millage, and plan to get to work to put the process on track once I take office again.  (I've served 32 of the past 40 years on the Board.)  I can already personally identify a number of important gaps in the regional system which deserve priority to fill in.
Marie E. Howe, Bath Township Supervisor
On 5-foot space: I would support this initiative with the understanding that bikers realize motor vehicles legally are not support to pass 'anything' on the road when a solid yellow line is present and that includes passing bikers. If and when they pass on a solid line and an accident occurs the motor vehicle is at fault.
Better driver education: Yes, I support all types of education with the understanding that bikers are also educated on their responsibility using streets/roads.
Building trails and pathways: Yes, when money is available to add this type of infrastructure. Bath Township have many bikers locally and outside riders who ride our township and the economic advantages should be explored.
Comments: My only comments would be to keep working to educate bikers, motor vehicle drives and law enforcement officers to clearly understand the responsibility of all parties. Years ago, I personally was involved in hearing bicyclist lobby groups help to write good legislation supporting bike ride in MI.  I supported them then and will continue to support initiatives regarding riders as long as the laws are obeyed and present laws are enforced; these endeavors make a safer ride for all. Thank you for the opportunity to respond.   
Eric Hufnagel, St. Johns City Commission
Complete Streets: I am generally supportive of taking steps that will provide greater accommodation to both bicyclists and pedestrians -- to foster greater safety for both.  The inclusion of these accommodations would need to be considered based on a number of factors, including potential usage, level of safety concern, available funding, etc.
On 5 ft. space: I'd need to know more about related standards as well as any potential enforcement issues, etc., experienced in communities that may currently have such ordinances.
Building trails and pathways: Again, I am generally supportive of taking steps that will provide greater accommodation and safety to non-motorized users.  Support for the development of such trails and pathways would need to be considered based on a number of factors, including potential usage, level of safety concern/improvement, available funding, etc.
Comments: I am extremely supportive of efforts that will provide our residents greater connectedness.  Communities are greatly enhanced by infrastructure that allows bicyclists and pedestrians more, and safer, options than currently exist.  This can serve to make residents more mobile, independent, and healthy -- among other things.
Bruce D Levey, Bath Township Supervisor
While I support the use of Bikes for transportation and recreation, I find it amazing the total disregard for traffic laws that some bike riders show. Yesterday I witnessed a bike rider blow a stop sign at a full tilt boogie and cross three lanes of traffic on Howard street in Lansing. I have witnessed bike riders riding in the road with traffic jump up on the sidewalk to cross in the crosswalk so they do not have to stop for the red light, and then almost get hit by someone wanting to make a right turn, then jump back out on the street with traffic only to repeat the behavior at the next light. If bike riders want respect on the road they need to ride with respect and not create unsafe conditions.
Amanda Lick, Meridian Township Park Commission
On 5-foot space: I would like to learn more about this
Comment: I'm very excited for the possibility to serve Meridian Township in this capacity. While I'm familiar with some bike issues I would like to learn more. Please feel free to send me any information that you feel is important for me to further understand your advocacy initiatives. I look for to working together!
Erik Lindquist, Meridian Township Treasurer  
I was an avid bicyclist when I lived in Northern Virginia and loved riding the Alexandria-Orange trail on weekends. I have an arthritic condition now, however which limits my activities. I have had several friends who have been injured in car-bike accidents and would want to do whatever is needed to ensure the safe enjoyment of this sport/mode of transportation.

Angela Madden, Mason City Council
Complete Streets: I support Complete Streets if the space is available and any additional costs are covered without raising taxes.
On 5-foot space: I believe it difficult to measure and enforce a specific distance when passing a cyclist. I do support increased driver education and public service announcements on how to share the road.
Building Trails and Pathways: Yes, so long as there is no increase is taxes.
Denise McCrimmon, Bath Township Trustee
Bicycle safety is a growing concern.  I strongly support these efforts to keep bicyclists safe and educate those operating motor vehicles.
Mike Mcdonald, Meridian Township Park Commission
On 5-foot space: Seems unenforceable
Comment: Keep a focus too on other park issues. Visit Michigan State Parks Advisory Committee’s website and Michigan Recreation and Park Association, too.
Jay Mitzner, Dansville Village Trustee
The Dansville Village Council is in the process of submitting an application to receive a grant to have a bicycle path built in and around Dansville.
Robin Case Naeyaert, Ingham County Commissioner, District 14
Complete Streets: I appreciate the complete streets plan - but feel that drivers MUST be educated on how to use them!  I've even questioned myself, 'Do I move over to turn, or turn from my lane?' before I knew more.  
On 5-foot space: As for the five feet, I don't know how that could be enforced?  I'd much rather see something like moving into another lane as we do with emergency vehicles and police stops.
Comment: I have many friends who are bike riding enthusiasts and advocates.  I support anything that makes the sport/activity safer!!!
Deb Nolan, Ingham County Commissioner, District 12
If elected for my 8th term I would like TCBA to work with me on a complete streets ordinance for Ingham County.  This is my priority over the next two years.  My husband, Richard Baker, started riding DALMAC when he turned 70 in 2010.  I support complete streets and safer biking.
Ronald V. Overton, Watertown Township Trustee
Retired MDOT.  We need complete multimodal streets.
Jean Ruestman, St. Johns City Commission
Promoting/encourage an active lifestyle is essential for a vibrant community.  Safe, accessible infrastructure and laws that protect our 'active' citizens are key elements of that.
Dennis Schornack, Williamstown Township Clerk
I am a cyclist myself and I believe that a network of safe bike paths is good for both fellow bikers and the township.
Ryan Sebolt, Ingham County Commissioner, District 2
Complete Streets: As a legislative aide staffing the House Transportation Committee for Rep. Pam Byrnes in 2009-10, I was involved in the process of developing and passing Michigan's complete streets legislation. I believe that Complete Streets should be part of the planning process for our transportation system.
On 5-foot space: I would certainly be willing to consider such a proposal to help make sure that bicyclists and motorists can safely share the roads.
Comment: I believe that we should take a holistic approach to our transportation system and consider the needs of all users
Ronald J Styka, Meridian Township Supervisor
I have supported and continue to support funding pathways and trails within the township for non-motorized users.  I have and do support lane diets on appropriate streets and roads, and the repainting of lanes narrower, in order to accommodate cyclists and calm traffic.
Guy Sweet, Delhi Township Supervisor
If I am elected I will ride my bicycle to and from the Township Hall, and to and from meetings in the community.
Roy W. Sweet, Delhi Township Treasurer
On 5-foot space: Don't know
Comment: I have voted for two non - motorized pathways in Delhi Township. We are in the process of getting a grant for a third pathway.
Todd Tennis, Ingham County Commission, District 5
I've long been an advocate for Complete Streets policies and trail expansion.
Trevor VanDyke, DeWitt City Council
On 5-foot space: While I support this concept, having just been through a downtown sidewalk development an issue with private property and the lack of space between the house and the road to accommodate this proposal. I would say that I would be supportive of this where it is feasible, but have to recognize those areas in our city where this would not be feasible do to location of the road and a house.
Comment: I focused on trail connectivity within the city to other recreational areas. This provides both a safe recreational opportunity and a health benefit to the citizens of DeWitt.
Eric Voisinet, Olive Township Trustee
On 5-foot space: Only if bicyclist is single file and on the white line.
Better driver education: OK but bicyclist need to know their surroundings and get out of the way sometimes.  They need to ride defensively. The smart way.
Comments: Not being mean, but bicyclist put themselves in bad positions and need to be more responsible for themselves.
Kelli Waldo, Mulliken Treasurer
On Complete Streets: The Village has very limited resources for a go around but we do maintain all sidewalks and bike lanes where no sidewalks are available.
DiAnne Warfield, Delhi Township Trustee
I have voted in favor of Complete Street policies and building several Non-Motorized Transportation projects and connectors in my government service.
Russell W. Whipple, Mason City Council
Complete Streets: Depends upon the project.
On 5-foot space: Not as a blanket mandate on every road.
Better driver education:If not publicly funded.
Building Trails and Pathways: Yes, so long as there is no increase is taxes.
Comment: I am a bicyclist and have been for years.  But the costs must be balanced against the impact to all of society not just to bicyclists.  I am open to supporting any project that can be justified.
Jeanne Pearl Wright, Eaton County Commissioner, District 5
I have been an advocate for public transportation in Eaton County/Delta Township for years and this includes pathways and bike lanes in streets for safe travels for all.
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Bicycle & Pedestrian Terminology (City of Lawrence, Kansas)
Bike Law Michigan -- "The Sinas Dramis Law Firm is deeply committed to the safety and rights of cyclists and is a proud member of Bike Law, a national network of bicycle attorneys who advocate on behalf of all cyclists." the site contains a variety of resources including laws affecting bicyclists and a " What to do After a Bike Accident" section.
 BIKESAFE - Bicycle Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System (U.S. Federal Highway Administration) --  provides "practitioners with the latest information available for improving the safety and mobility of those who bike. The online tools provide the user with a list of possible engineering, education, or enforcement treatments to improve bicycle safety and/or mobility based on user input about a specific location."

Federal Highway Administration's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program's Key Resources
Ingham County Trails and Parks Millage -- provides information about the various aspects of the development of a county-wide regional trails and parks system.
Michigan Complete Streets Coalition -- works to promote statewide Complete Streets policies. Complete Streets policies ensure that engineers and planners design roadways to accommodate all users, not just motorists. A complete street allows pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and those with disabilities to easily and safely use roads in their communities.
Michigan Traffic Crash Facts -- "provides users with annual official Michigan crash data. There are two sections to the website: the Publications section that contains crash data statistics dating back to 1992; and the Data Query Tool, which allows users to perform advanced searches on the data over specific elements. The MTCF Data Query Tool allows users to build unique queries using Michigan crash data and see the results in the form of maps, tables, lists, bar and pie charts, on a timeline, or by downloading the actual police reports."
National Complete Streets Coalition -- "...promotes the development and implementation of policies and professional practices that ensure streets are safe for people of all ages and abilities, balance the needs of different modes, and support local land uses, economies, cultures, and natural environments."
Road Terms and Definitions (Michigan Department of Transportation)

Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks -- "This document is intended to be a resource for transportation practitioners in small towns and rural communities. It applies existing national design guidelines in a rural setting and highlights small town and rural case studies."
"Statewide NFC Review Emphasis Area 2 County PDF Maps" (Michigan Department of Transportation) --   Despite its jargon-rich title, this page is a good resource: it lists by county which roads are eligible for Federal road money and which ones are not.
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Advocacy Links
Advocacy Links
Alliance for Biking & Walking — “North America’s coalition of local and state bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations. We create, strengthen and unite advocacy leaders who are transforming their communities into great places to bike and walk.”
Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals -- — Its mission is to “grow the pedestrian and bicycle profession and its influence by facilitating the exchange of professional and technical knowledge, elevating practitioners’ skills and defining the field.”
League of American Bicyclists -- “…represents bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle- friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, we work to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to our members everywhere.”
League of Michigan Bicyclists -- works “to improve conditions for bicycling in Michigan. LMB supports many programs and projects and cooperates with state and local agencies and other like-minded groups toward this goal.”
Michigan Complete Streets Coalition -- connects “grassroots Complete Streets movements across the state. Today, the Coalition represents over 100 organizations, businesses and individuals.”
Michigan Regional Pedestrian & Bicycle Committee Forum -- A series of regional meetings sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation that brings together “pedestrian & bicycle advocates and transportation leaders to work toward improving the safety of the streets within our communities….These meetings are a venue to identify issues and become more knowledgeable of each other’s planning, design, engineering and funding processes in order to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility for improved quality of life in our communities.”
Michigan Trails and Greenways -- “a non-profit organization that shall foster and facilitate the creation of an interconnected statewide system of trails and greenways for recreation, health, transportation, economic development and environmental/cultural preservation purposes.”
PeopleForBikes -- “…includes both an industry coalition of bicycling suppliers and retailers, as well as a charitable foundation…Our goal is to make every bike ride better, whether that ride takes you on trails, down to the grocery store, or all the way across town. Why? Because when people ride bikes, great things happen for our bodies and our minds, and our communities and our nation”.­­

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